Goofy's Mini

This is my blog about my MINI COOPER S CONVERTIBLE. It will also have interesting things that have happened to me at work or at home. Since I teach new student pilots how to fly there are always interesting things to share. Also I have a two year old and a 8 month old so things at home get rather interesting also.

Location: Enid, Oklahoma, United States

01 June 2005

The waiting Starts

Ok so I have my production number. I have logged on to the Mini owners Lounge and tried to track it but........ Ok my production number lists a dark grey mini, which isn't the color I ordered. I called my motoring advisor and she assured me that the number was for my mini and as soon as England put the order in to the system it would show properly. Well got the number Tuesday it's Wednesday and still shows dark grey. Wondering when it will get updated? Will have to keep checking. If you haven't figured out I'm really excited and what my Mini yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!


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