Goofy's Mini

This is my blog about my MINI COOPER S CONVERTIBLE. It will also have interesting things that have happened to me at work or at home. Since I teach new student pilots how to fly there are always interesting things to share. Also I have a two year old and a 8 month old so things at home get rather interesting also.

Location: Enid, Oklahoma, United States

03 June 2005


Well no change on my MINI but it is Friday and work is over. Our current class hit the flight line last week. We gave dollar rides last week and this week were the first real rides. We start our briefings at 0530 in the morning and take off 2 hours later. I have had two days of 0440 wake ups to get in to the squadron in time for the brief. Not only do we have early shows but we are flying with guys that don't really know anything. It is mental exhausting to keep up with everything. It is a really fun job. Seeing motivated individuals develop in to pilots.


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