Goofy's Mini

This is my blog about my MINI COOPER S CONVERTIBLE. It will also have interesting things that have happened to me at work or at home. Since I teach new student pilots how to fly there are always interesting things to share. Also I have a two year old and a 8 month old so things at home get rather interesting also.

Location: Enid, Oklahoma, United States

16 June 2005


Well on the 8th my car started production. But it did not enter the body shop till yesterday. It also got to the paint shop yesterday. Now it just needs assembly and production complete. After that it heads down to the docks and I start tracking it by the shipping company.

Funny thing yesterday my wife said she thought things would get better after I ordered my MINI. You see I was a little obsessive about it. Going to the MINI web site and building multiple MINI's to see what I like. Well after ordering I got more obsessive. I check the status of my MINI all the time. Plus I read MINI forums and am a little nutty. She said what they really need is a spouse support forum were spouse can talk about their MINI obsessed other half. Oh well we will see.

10 June 2005

11 Days

Well it took 11 days for my Mini to go from on order to awaiting production. A quick call to the Ask Mini number and I learned that it is scheduled to be completed on the 18th of June. We will see. Hopefully it will get right on a ship and not spend much time waiting for one.

06 June 2005


Well I checked the mini online site for the status of my Mini then I was so impatient I called the 866 number to find out if it had anything different. The phone says it is scheduled for production with no firm production date, while the web site says it is on order. Oh well I just I will just wait and wait and wait and check back every hour when I am at home.

03 June 2005


Well no change on my MINI but it is Friday and work is over. Our current class hit the flight line last week. We gave dollar rides last week and this week were the first real rides. We start our briefings at 0530 in the morning and take off 2 hours later. I have had two days of 0440 wake ups to get in to the squadron in time for the brief. Not only do we have early shows but we are flying with guys that don't really know anything. It is mental exhausting to keep up with everything. It is a really fun job. Seeing motivated individuals develop in to pilots.

02 June 2005

It is in

Ok the order is in the web site now says I have a chili Red Cooper Convertible. It also list all the features I asked for. Now if they would hurry up and schedule it for production. Like built last Monday. Ah patience young grasshopper.

01 June 2005

The waiting Starts

Ok so I have my production number. I have logged on to the Mini owners Lounge and tried to track it but........ Ok my production number lists a dark grey mini, which isn't the color I ordered. I called my motoring advisor and she assured me that the number was for my mini and as soon as England put the order in to the system it would show properly. Well got the number Tuesday it's Wednesday and still shows dark grey. Wondering when it will get updated? Will have to keep checking. If you haven't figured out I'm really excited and what my Mini yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!

30 May 2005

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I Finally Did It!

Well I finally ordered my Mini! I ordered a 2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible. The exterior will be Chili Red with a black top and have a chrome lined exterior. It is equipped with the cold weather package, the convenience package, the premium package, and the sport package. Also I got the limited slip differential, the rear fog lamp, and the navigation system. The interior will be in Cordoba beige with Anthracite trim panels. I am really excited but the dealership said it could be 8 to 12 weeks till it gets here since it is built to spec.